House training a puppy quickly or helping a fearful dog is possible with some extra care.


speed up THE puppy training progress

Training a puppy to coexist in our households is a lot of work, especially when actual work gets in the way. Our training plans take into account families with kids, busy schedules, city living, and many of the obstacles we face with normal life. There is no way to account for long gaps in the presence of your puppy. You simply can't be there all the time. However, for more efficient house training, it's critical that young puppies are cared to at least every 2 or 4 hours. Enter Day Training. With Day Training, we set up specific times that we come a train your puppy. We are here not only to speed along your house training, but to instill manners and safely socialize your pup.  Visits can be one hour, two or three and beyond. It all depends on your schedule and of course, your puppy.

Intensive training for fearful dogs

Sometimes, as much as we tell our dogs that everything is going to be ok, they just don't listen. Well, as you know, this is not exactly how it works with dogs. We can tell them, but we need to do it in their language. Day training allows us to spend the time we need to help dogs overcome scary situations. This can be anything from loud city noises, to being fearful of other dogs, to tight doorways. We don't always have the luxury of adopting dogs as puppies. Sometimes they become ours after the critical socialization period has ended and so we can't predict what they are going to find challenging. During these day training sessions with your dog, we focus on the issues and work on changing your dog's way of thinking around what scares them. With a proper plan in place, much progress can be had. We can't resolve issues through day training alone, but we can help you make progress and help you understand how to better manage situations when they arise.


Basic Manners Brush Up & Tricks!

So you have a smart and busy dog who just needs more than a walk during the day.  We can spend our time together working on sitting, staying, coming when called, laying down on their bed when asked, how to greet newcomers, fetching, agility and nore . We love to teach great party tricks. Want your pup to ride a skateboard? Rollover? Play dead? Shake? Climb on a box on cue? We can even teach your dog to bring you your slippers! Our goal during all day training is to work and exhaust your pup's body and mind.

So, I peed in my crate. A lot. I didn’t know what else to do. It’s my safe spot so, that’s what feels good to me. But one day this nice person started visiting me a few times a day and giving me treats every time I peed outside. Now I like going outside more than inside.
— Buttercup, Golden Doodle.

Day training programs can cover a lot of ground. Here is a short list of what we provide, we'll build a plan Together that addresses your needs

  • House training is king, of course, we'll focus on making sure your puppy learns where it's appropriate to "go". Young puppies need to be brought outside every few hours! With such frequent outings, they quickly learn to prefer eliminating outside. Not only that, but we work on putting business on cue so that you can ask your dog to go with a magic word. This is especially helpful in the rain, or on those late night before bed walks in your PJs.
  • Puppy socialization is the bread and butter to your life with your dog. Want a dog that plays nicely with other dogs, kids, and people? It's imperative that proper socialization is done within about the first 16 weeks of the puppy's life. We can provide the perfect dogs for socializing and monitor play in a controlled environment. 
  • Handling your dog by you, your family, or your veterinary should not be a struggle. We can work on teaching your puppy that being handled can be fun. 
  • Basic manners are everything from sitting, to staying, to coming when called, to laying down on their bed when asked, to how to greet newcomers and much more. These skills are critical to a busy household. We teach and reinforce these manners directly with your puppy so that you can keep the progress going when you get home.
  • Loose leash walking is what makes owning a dog truly great. Why do we get dogs? So we can go on long peaceful walks and contemplate life! Without the skills of loose leash walking though, you'll hate walking your dog! Do you want to be pulled everywhere you go? Probably not! Take the reigns and teach your puppy how to walk on the leash, you'll be thankful you did!  
  • Recall Training is the bread and butter of giving your dog THE LIFE. Dogs love to run free, and it's great for their mental and physical health. We can provide off-leash training so you can start taking your dog to the park! 
  • Adjusting to city life is hard. Many of Brooklyn's rescued dogs come from the south where they never heard sirens, horns, or saw skateboards. Often, dogs from these situations need to be socialized to the city. Our day training sessions will help acclimate your dog to their new home and surroundings.
  • Fearful behavior is common among dogs. As with people, anger or aggression is often rooted in fear. While a dog's behavior may be described as aggressive, fear is the underlying cause and thus we prefer to address it as such. Frequent day training sessions with your dog give us the time we need to find the root cause of the fear and help you begin to address it. We have worked with dogs that could barely be outside to being able to go on half hour or hour long walks. This takes a lot of work and coordination in efforts with us and your whole family, but progress is possible.