House training a puppy in Brooklyn should come with some sort of award. 


How can we help?

The truth is, having a puppy can be confusing and exhausting. And, puppy training in Brooklyn can be very different from training a puppy outside of the city. We don't all have back yards, we can't control the street noise or the garbage on the street. Let's face it, it's hard! We have over 10 years of experience raising puppies, we have seen it all. We are here to be a point of reference when navigating everything from house training to basic manners to puppy socialization. And not only that, we can help set you up for success with your puppy with suggestions for puppy proofing your home, what supplies to buy, what to feed your pup, choosing a trusted veterinarian and more.

During this very important time in your puppy's life, we aim to help our clients feel confident, comfortable, and part of a team. Clients don't feel alone even in the most trying of puppy moments.

I was annoying my parents when they were trying to eat dinner, but I’d been alone all day and had really missed them. One day, they started giving me a puzzle toy during their dinner time which I guess kept me pretty busy. Before I knew it their dinner time as over and it was play time for me! After a few weeks I learned to head straight to my bed for a little “me” time whenever my parents headed for the table.
— Dottie, Cattle Dog Mix.

We teach Puppy Kindergarten classes and Basic Manners at PumpkinPups Dog Training studio. Please click HERE for more information and the current class schedule.

puppy services we offer:

  • We use scientifically based positive reinforcement training methods to encourage the behaviors we want in our dogs while training incompatible behaviors to replace the ones we don't.
  • Puppy Prep: help setting up your home for a new dog. This includes going through the tools you'll need to maintain the safety and well-being of your new puppy. Learn about safe and proper socialization in the first 16 weeks of life.
  • House Training: learn our crate training tricks, get help figuring out where bathroom is, how to manage tiny bladders, and even put your pup’s business on cue (great for cold nights and rain storms)!
  • Basic Manners: learn the basics of positive reinforcement training and how to properly use reward markers: name recognition, down, recall, drop it, leave it, stay, wait, polite greetings, as well as how to deal with nipping and biting and much more.
  • Handling: teaching your dog how to be handled and touched: great for grooming, vet visits, and emergency situations.
  • Reading Your Dog: learn about dog body language and stress signals: It's not just about wagging tails!
  • Loose Leash Walking: learn about different types of walking apparatuses and how to have fun and relaxing leash walks without dislocating your shoulders or stopping every three seconds to chase a leaf (which is just the cutest…but only for so long)! Loose leash walking in Brooklyn can sometimes be an obstacle course, learn the tricks to get your puppy to walk on the leash and adjust to all the city noises, scents, and other dogs that come with city living.
  • Useful Tricks: targeting, ringing a bell, paw, fetch, anything your heart may desire (within reason!)
  • Puppy Visits with Day Training: have a new puppy, but have to go to work? Have a busy schedule? Need help socializing your puppy? Our puppy visits are wonderful opportunity for learning! This is a preferred service and we have a dedicated page to describe the options more detail. Visit our Day Training page for more information.
  • Puppy Socialization and Play Dates: we have years of experience in puppy socialization. Not only can we create a wonderful and safe environment for your pup to socialize with well-mannered dogs but we know how to socialize them to all the city noises and activities around us! This service can also be offered as part of a Day Training program.