Rachel and Francesca came through a serendipitous recommendation and Avery's world (and ours!) is now better for it. They are loving and attentive to our pup, and incredibly communicative and thorough to two rather doting moms.  With our schedules, we absolutely depend on Rachel and Francesca; so much so that after only seven months of working together, when facing a dreaded apartment hunt, we turned down several great options simply because they were outside of Rachel and Francesca's perimeter. The amount of comfort they bring to our lives, in how much we trust and appreciate them, can't be overstated. And Avery's whole-body wag says it all....

- Kierstyn, Kristin, and Avery

We found Rachel seven years ago when we were in a panic.  We had just “fostered” a puppy and had tried running home from work, doggie daycare, and pleading with friends.  It had become obvious that we needed a dog walker. But who would we let into our house, with our two crazy cats, to walk this wiggly beast now called Anzu?  After numerous interviews, we met Rachel and immediately clicked.  She was professional, friendly, compassionate, and all around great person.  Plus, Anzu loved her so it was pretty much a done deal.  In the years since, not only has she become part of our extended family but everyone whom we have recommended her to has felt the same.  In fact, it is one of the few things that I am the most confident about as to be able to say, “we have the person for you” and mean it; regardless, if you have a grumpy chihuahua, an excitable bulldog, or a playful Brooklyn Terrier.


Bodhi came to us from an Ohio puppy kill shelter.  He was the first puppy to get out of there alive, but he was very ill and had never had any experience outside the shelter.  Rachel & Francesca became our secret weapons. They recommended a good vet, a probiotic, a brand of food that was easily digestible. Once he had been through his vaccinations, they began walking him around the neighborhood and slowly exposed him to the different sounds of the city. He was very anxious initially but under their steady and tender guidance he grew able to deal with all sorts of strange sounds: UPS trucks, honks, screeching breaks, etc.  After he had reached a certain confidence level they began introducing him to other dogs to socialize him.  Initially, they invited him to meet a very mellow bull dog who was impervious to Bodhi's skittishness. After he relaxed around this dog they graduated him to walking with a lab mix puppy who loved him. Through these dog interactions he grew more confident. Then they added two more dogs to his roster of friends and slowly he became more comfortable with a range of dogs. Because of the time Rachel and Francesca put in with Bodhi he is now able to safely run free in the park with other dogs. They also helped to train us so that we worked more effectively with Bodhi.  He is a very happy dog now and the kind of life he has is in direct response to his early training with them. I really am grateful to all they've given to him and to us.

- Leslie & Family

I can’t say enough good things about Rachel and Francesca. I have been using their dog walking/sitting services for over 2 years and find the team to be caring, conscientious, punctual, and fun! Dot rushes to the door when they arrive and that is proof enough for me. Also, unfortunately, Dot has had some serious health issues and Rachel and Francesca have helped me with sound advice and support. In an emergency situation, Rachel even hopped on the bus to meet me at the vets to help explain what she had observed and support me through this very stressful situation! I trust Rachel and Francesca in every way and I don’t know what Dot and I would do without them!!

Isabel Hill
Park Slope


When I leave Fudge with Rachel and Francesca I know I am leaving her in the absolute best hands possible. It is like leaving your pet with trusted family members who also happen to be experts in dog care. They are extremely reliable, professional, warm and caring. I have known and worked with Rachel and Francesca for years and I would always recommend them highly to anyone who needs dog care.

Yahz and Family


Francesca and Rachel have been like second parents to our 3-year-old poodle, India. They started walking her twice a day when she was just a few months old, and they have been devoted to her (and she to them) ever since. India will race across the park on weekends if she sees one of them out with another dog, and sometimes she'll start waiting at the front door a half hour before she's due to be walked by one of them.

India is a friendly but nervous dog, easily spooked on the street by more agressive dogs, but also eager to play. Rachel and Francesca. They arrange walks so she'll get to see her friends and sometimes she gets to have a play date at one of her friends' apartments.

They are also keenly observant and involved with the dogs they care for. If they notice something is off — a goopy eye or suspicious cough — they will call or text to suggest intervention. And not insignificantly, this past winter, when we had more snow than in previous years, they gifted India with bright blue rubber booties. Though we felt a tad guilty for not thinking of this on our own, we were grateful that they were thinking how to prevent the salt and ice from her sensitive paws.

- Ann Powell & Barry Nass

Our Brussels Griffon-Terrier mix Mabel couldn't be sweeter or more fun, but like a lot of shelter dogs, she has issues. When we first brought Mabel home, she was timid and nervous around new people. On the street, she became aggressive, lunging and barking at every dog we passed. Walking her in our dog-filled Brooklyn neighborhood was a big challenge. So we set out to find a dogwalker who could handle Mabel's issues and help us train her. Rachel and Francesca came highly recommended and we're so glad we ended up working with them.

After getting to know Mabel, Rachel and Francesca connected us with a dog trainer, who taught us how to use a clicker and treats to keep Mabel's attention away from other dogs. Then, Rachel and Francesca continued Mabel's training on daily solo walks, which improved her behavior tremendously. While Mabel still doesn't love other dogs, she is much less anxious and less likely to lash out. And when we do have close encounters with dogs, her training kicks in (most of the time!) and we are able to prevent an ugly scene.

Mabel's safety is our number one concern and we feel completely confident in Rachel and Francesca. They go above and beyond when it comes to communicating with us and, most importantly, they truly care about Mabel.

Mabel is so much happier and well-behaved since we adopted her, and a lot of that is due to her wonderful walkers. We're so glad Rachel and Francesca are part of her daily routine.

-Lisa & Daniel

Working with Rachel and Francesca is excellent. They are extremely reliable, flexible, and professionally proactive in managing behavior and social dynamic. They are super attentive and communicative about health issues. I feel confident that Lola receives exceptional care, individual attention, and a ton of fun exercise. Her social skills with other dogs (and patience with her young humans at home) have improved remarkably since working with them. If Lola could put it into words…I’m pretty sure it is pure love and adoration that she feels for her dog walking crew. She waits eagerly for her walks and is always overjoyed to see them. Highest recommendation!

- Emily


I met Rachel years ago out in the neighborhood walking and training dogs. We passed each other numerous times and struck up a friendship. When my husband and I needed help walking our two scruffy, and sometimes difficult, mutts I was so happy to reach out to Rachel and Francesca. Whenever I saw them with other dogs it was obvious how devoted and caring they were with each animal. I inherently trusted them with our dogs, Trixie and Lola. Rachel and Francesca took the time to carefully go over any issues our dogs had before they even began to walk them. From the very beginning, they have always checked in to let us know how things are going, when the dogs have had upset stomachs, and how they are on the walks. After a week-long vacation during which they stayed, we came home to two relaxed and well cared for pups. I can't say enough good things about them. They are reliable, caring, and incredibly trustworthy.



Rachel and Francesca have been a part of my English Bulldog Francisco’s life since he was ten weeks old.  Francisco is now four.  He is my pride and joy and when searching for a dog walker I wanted to find someone who would care for Francisco and love him just as much as I do.  Rachel and Francesca not only love Francisco, they care for him and are extremely knowledgeable about dogs in general.  Rachel and Francesca are amazing and I highly recommend them!

-Tameka and Francisco

You've been the best dog walkers ever - thank you so much!  You've been taking care of Odie since he was twelve weeks old. We feel so lucky that we found someone who takes care of our dog like he was their own. We're certain that the care and attention by you have helped make him the happy, sweet dog he is today. When you take him off leash in the morning, we know he's getting a lot of exercise, not just standing around.  He comes home tired and happy. He's always so thrilled to see you -- more excited than when we bring him for a walk!

- Odie's Family

Rachel and Francesca are everything you could want ! They are absolutely crazy about dogs but are also reliable, organized, and good communicators. Our Corgi, Rumpy, is a willful, stubborn, and not easy to walk. But over the six years that Rachel has walked our dog, she has understood our dog's needs and made sure that he is paired with dogs that match his personality.  She attends to less than perfect behavior while still being tender and sweet, such that it puts a smile on your face and makes dogs love her. We can't imagine trusting our beloved pooch with anyone better qualified and more dependable than Rachel and Francesca.

Mike, Phil, & Rumpy

We began looking for a dog walker for Socrates almost immediately after bringing him home from his rescue in the winter of 2010.  As all new dog owners understand, the first few weeks and months with your new puppy are both exciting and demanding and one of the things we were nervous about was finding the right person to walk Socrates while we were at work.  Not only did this person have to be responsible and caring but we also needed to trust them to be in our home alone, not an easy task.  From the moment that we met Rachel and Francesca, we were instantly put at ease and Socrates was forever in love.  During that first meeting, they came over to our apartment and sat on the floor and played and cuddled with Socrates the entire time.  It was clear that not only were they both kind and caring, but they were extremely knowledgeable and professional.  They helped us tremendously through those challenging puppy months of house breaking, hyper teething, etc. and played an integral roll in Socrates' obedience training and socialization.  

This past year, we were able to go on vacation and leave Socrates under their loving care.  While we had done so a few times before for a weekend here and there, the fact that we were able to truly disconnect from our busy lives for an extended period of time and know that he was perfectly happy and well taken care of in his own home was such a gift.

We feel incredibly blessed to have found Rachel and Francesca and couldn't imagine our lives without them.

- Jake and Juliette