The gift of freedom: off leash and recall training anywhere dogs are able to roam off leash.


recall training is the skill that keeps on giving

Strong recall is one of the most important behaviors to reinforce in your dog. Training solid recall helps keep your dog safe when off the leash, ensures good and positive interactions with other dogs, and allows you to exercise your dog in a way that is unmatched on the leash. Our off-leash training sessions help you learn how to better communicate with your dog, improve your timing, trouble shoot distraction, and learn to decipher what are positive interactions for your dog.

Recall is our passion and one of the reasons we decided to become dog trainers. It is such a pleasure helping dogs gain play skills and the responsiveness they need for a fun time off-leash.

And don't forget! Exercised dogs are some of the most well mannered dogs! 

Want a head start on recall training or to prepare your dog for off-leash with a dog walker? We provide off-leash training Monday-Friday before 9am in Prospect Park as part of a day training package! We can provide off-leash training during the week so you can start enjoying off-leash weekends in the park! Visit our day training page for more information.

I used to run away from my dad anytime he wanted to leash me up. I just didn’t want to leave the party, but now I turn on a dime the moment I hear his voice because I know that it doesn’t mean the fun will stop!
— Ellie, Labrador.

What you will learn at recall training

  • The Recall Cue: this is the bread and butter of recall training. This is the word that will always get your dog to come back to you. 
  • What Reinforces Your Dog:  every dog is different, learn what is reinforcing for your dog in a leash free environment. It's very important to learn this and build upon it.
  • Overcoming Distracting Stimuli: distracting stimuli can be anything from other dogs, to squirrels, to birds, to even innocent joggers! 
  • Appropriate play: we take our dogs to off-leash to run around and play with other dogs. Sometimes it will happen that you will run into dogs that don't have appropriate play styles and frankly, don't belong at off-leash. We'll teach you how to recognize bad play from good play manners and to move along with your dog to find a more suitable play mate. 
  • Build Trust: a very important side benefit to strong recall skills is that your relationship with your dog will soar.