Dogs learn differently. Our aim is help you improve your communication with your dog and make training fun for you both!


A few simple dog training techniques can go a long way.

Maybe your adult dog is new to your home and there are many things that you need help with. Or maybe, your dog was trained as a puppy and has regressed a bit and now is the time for a brush up. Whatever the case may be, we can create a training plan that works for you and your family and takes into account what you want to achieve. Perhaps your dog is listening to you less, or has become more fearful on walks, or has learned to bark at visitors. Behaviors that go unchecked just become more ingrained over time. Doing some training to break up unwanted behaviors is a good way to get back to where you want to be, having a great time with your best friend!

When I was a puppy, I used to jump on people to say hello and my mom thought it was cute. But when I hit 60 lbs, she didn’t like it quite so much. Now I know that I’ll only get to say hello to my friends if all for of my feet are on the ground...and I might even get a special treat for being calm too!
— Greta, Boxer Shepherd Mix.

Dog training services we offer:

  • We use scientifically based positive reinforcement training methods to encourage the behaviors we want in our dogs while training incompatible behaviors to replace the ones we don't
  • Better Walking Skills: walking skills are something every one wants. Maybe your dog never truly learned how to walk by your side. It's not too late to be able to enjoy your walks together. We'll show you the techniques you'll need to encourage your dog to walk by your side and stop working so hard to dislocate your shoulder!
  • Aggression on the Leash: this is a very common problem and very often rooted in fear. City dogs often demonstrate the stresses they feel from city noises and ongoing while on the leash. We can help you change your dog's association to seeing other dogs while on leash.
  • Basic Manners: manners are not always learned in puppyhood. Learn the basics of positive reinforcement training and how to properly use reward markers: name recognition, down, recall, drop it, leave it, stay, wait, and polite greetings.
  • Reading Your Dog: learn about dog body language and stress signals: It's not just about wagging tails!
  • Handling: teaching your dog how to be handled and touched: great for grooming, vet visits, and emergency situations.
  • Useful tricks: targeting, ringing a bell, paw, fetch, anything your heart may desire (within reason!)
  • Baby Prep: getting help setting up your home for a new baby when you have a dog is a vey smart move! This includes going through the tools you'll need to maintain the safety and well-being of your baby and your dog. Setting up dog-free zones and finding ways to still give your dog the attention and exercise it needs are key. Dogs really feel the difference in transitioning from being the baby to living with an actual baby. This is a big psychological step for your dog too.
  • And Much More: the truth is that dogs come up with endless behaviors to manifest how they are feeling. Let us know what's happening and we can figure out a plan to help you improve your situation with your dog.
  • Day Training: training of your dog while you are at work is a great solution to work on issues consistently. Training takes time and hiring your trainer to work one on one with your dog is a way to speed up progress. Visit our Day Training page for more information.