As dog trainers, we can give you what you need to restore some peace, help you house train your puppy, or enable you to have fun off-leash in the park and everything in between. 

why positive reinforcement training?

Because best friends should be able to trust each other. Force-free training methods allow your dog to fully trust you. The security of a stable and safe environment is the absolute best gift that you can give your dog. For dogs, safety means a life with affection, meals (and treats, many many treats), clear structure, boundaries and communication, and freedom from physical pain, force, or yelling. This scientifically proven method helps dogs to learn more quickly while being fair and fun for your dog. This is especially true for puppies who have a critical socialization period of only 16 weeks! During this period, adverse interactions with their environment, other dogs, children, or adults could influence the behavior of that dog forever. Positive Reinforcement is not just a training method, it's a way of life with your dog.

Rachel and Francesca introduced me to all my best friends and taught me that good things will happen anytime they call me to come back to them.
— Dorothy, Vizsla.

Hi, we are Rachel and Francesca

Hi, we are Rachel and Francesca

How do we work?

  • We provide private training sessions, day training just with your dog, or a combination of both. We are flexible and will build a plan that works with your lifestyle and family.
  • We look at the whole picture and come up with plans of action that take into account your family structure and schedule.
  • We always do a one on one consultation and create a training plan from there. 
  • We speak dog, and will teach you how. Part of the fun is learning all the signals your dog has been using to try and communicate with you. Once you learn them, you'll have a host of information you never thought possible!
  • We make training fun for you and your dog. We are easy to work with, personable, and focus on having fun while learning.
  • We can be a one stop resource, giving you advice from what vets we trust, to what harnesses to use, to what food is best for your dog.
  • We've gained the complete trust of all our clients and seeing people find success with their dogs is the absolute best reward we could ask for.