We are a small and unique dog training company. Our knowledge of dog behavior and animal care allows us to be a true partner to our clients.

Until recently, we were better known for running a highly regarded and successful dog walking company. Our walks focused on the use of Positive Reinforcement techniques to reinforce good habits and manage problem behaviors. Over the last couple of years, we focused more and more on helping dogs with special needs. We found this work highly rewarding and, at the beginning of 2016, accepted an opportunity to sell the dog walking portion of our business so that we could focus on dog training.

We have helped many dogs and dog owners lead happier lives and we look forward to helping you have a great life with your pup! We look forward to meeting you!


Our short story: Rachel (CPDT-KA, Certified Professional Dog Training - Knowledge Assessed) grew up bringing her family dog to off-leash in Prospect Park in Brooklyn. Through her time in Prospect Park she met many dogs and dog parents. In 2005 she started walking just one puppy, and within a year she was walking 12 dogs regularly. In 2010, wanting a challenge and the desire to create and run a company, Francesca quit her corporate career to join in the fun. She found her love of dogs through meeting Rachel's family dogs and all of Rachel's furry friends. Now, 6 years later, on the heels of selling their successful dog walking business, they are focusing on Positive Reinforcement dog training.